The Debt Restructuring and Insolvency team is composed of specialists some of whom teach international sureties law at university level. SIMONT BRAUN’s practice in this area covers all legal issues relating to the insolvency of private individuals and legal entities.
The lawyers in the Debt Restructuring and Insolvency department advise clients, who include trustees, either on specific legal questions or in litigation or negotiations leading to the restructuring of debt.
The Debt Restructuring and Insolvency team’s practice particularly focuses on the following:
  • drafting notices, the negotiation, structuring and issue of legal opinions relating to all kinds of sureties and real and personal guarantees, i.e. sureties over dematerialized or registered shares, sureties over accounts or in cash, mortgage, mortgage warrants, bail bonds, etc.
  • notices and the issue of legal opinions on the assignment of debt, debt assignments in guarantee, and compensation and netting, including for international transactions
  • assistance to trustees, creditors or insolvent companies in litigation cases.
  • debt restructuring