SIMONT BRAUN’s Competition Law team regularly advise or represent clients in cases involving various aspects of competition law: contract, abuse of a dominant position, control of concentrations, block exemption regulations in the distribution sector, licence agreements, technology transfers, free movement of goods and free provision of services generally.
In addition, the lawyers in SIMONT BRAUN’s Competition Law department have expertise in regulatory aspects that can be implemented in various areas such as audio-visual, electronic communications, food products, indications of geographical origin (including for wines), nutritional labels and claims, the pharmaceutical sector, biotechnologies and several other regulated areas.
Examples of major cases headed up by our Competition lawyers include:
  • we analyzed tariff conditions negotiated annually by major distributors and their suppliers in accordance with competition regulations
  • we analyzed the possibility – in accordance with the competition regulations – for two company groups belonging to the same sector to establish a common structure to purchase advertising space
  • we took part in establishing a firm’s code of conduct on information policy concerning the pricing practice of a major distributor
  • we discussed implementation of a licence where the licensee exploited only part of the protected work
  • we analyzed the exclusive supply obligation for a know-how-related franchise
  • we analyzed a project to share sensitive data among the main players in a given sector in terms of the regulations governing agreements and information-trading among companies