The distribution of products and services requires a variety of contracts and meticulous organization of the entities involved. Caution is a must when it comes to competition law. SIMONT BRAUN takes care of the aspects of company law, tax law and labour law related to such operations.
The lawyers in the Distribution and Licensing team specifically focus on contracts and litigation in this area of practice. They also acts in sale concession, agency and franchise contracts, licences and other forms of distribution.
Intellectual property, especially trademarks, are closely analyzed along with the impact of e-commerce, data protection and privacy, in close collaboration with specialists in the Intellectual Property, Information Technology and Trade Practices departments.
Examples of cases headed up by the Distribution and Licensing team include:
  • various cases further to the termination of exclusive sale concessions with international aspects
  • re-negotiation of patent licences and sub-licences in which some of the patents concerned were sold and difficulties arose amongst the shareholders of one of the companies involved
  • drafting and negotiation of trademark licensing and merchandising contracts