SIMONT BRAUN has chosen to be an independent law firm. We are convinced that highly qualified independent law firms that have a strong, local base are best placed to meet their clients’ expectations and respond to their needs.
For this reason, SIMONT BRAUN develops preferred relationships on a non-exclusive basis with leading foreign law firms, amongst others through the non-exclusive network Interlex (, and other service providers that meet high standards of quality in our five selected practice areas.

Leading foreign-based law firms regularly seek SIMONT BRAUN’s assistance in international matters involving Belgium.

Our lawyers act for a number of foreign-based companies and multinational groups active on an international basis, including financial institutions, investment companies, holding companies and companies specializing in a range of areas such as the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, the oil industry, electromechanical engineering, telecommunications, real estate, construction, music, the film industry and the media, the software industry, databases, luxury goods, food products, advertising and direct marketing.